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TechBridge unveils a new era of tech innovation in MENA: Pioneering as the channel VAD trailblazer

Steve Lockie, Managing Director at TechBridge Distribution MENA.

In a bold move set to redefine the tech distribution landscape in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), TechBridge Distribution has officially launched, ushering in a new era of innovative distribution and personalised service.

Headquartered in Dubai, under the visionary leadership of industry stalwart Steve Lockie & his vibrant team, TechBridge MENA sets its sights on revolutionising the industry dynamics, to champion mid-market partners.

In the rapidly evolving global IT scene, teeming with innovative technologies, TechBridge MENA stands as a beacon of change in MENA’s distribution landscape. Steve Lockie, a maverick in the industry, sheds light on the challenges faced by new entrants and mid-market players who often sign up with large distributors in the hope of leveraging their scale in the region but get sucked into the “black hole” of their vast portfolios without ever realising their true potential. Lockie urges a fresh perspective, seeing an opportunity for a regional distribution reboot.

Lockie emphasises, “Our approach revolves around three core pillars – the Vendor, Channel Partner with a focus our CVAD ethos and the TechBridge Team”.

1. Vendor: We are focused on tapping into the often-overlooked new entrant vendors and those that are underrepresented by current distributors, whether VAD or broad line pricing – they need specialised attention and focused GTM strategies with highly skilled on-the-ground teams.

2. Channel Partners: At the core of TechBridge’s mission is to return to industry roots, leveraging the power of Channel Partners. Lockie emphasises, “While most regional distributors focus primarily on vendors, globally, 91.5% of tech spending occurs through channel partners. This is the driving force behind our pioneering concept of CVAD i.e. Channel VAD – our unique proposition.” We are and will stay a Channel First Distributor.

3. TechBridge MENA Team: Lockie strongly believes in a people-first culture and is a strong proponent of ethical leadership & promoting proactive mindsets. He speaks with passion about the “transformative impact of genuine kindness” – a rarity in today’s highly competitive, bottom-line-focused culture and particularly. Under Lockie’s able leadership, he seeks to foster a trusting work culture where curiosity and learning is encouraged, and ownership promoted.

Getting this formula right would ultimately benefit the End Customers, who are tired of the same old logos and expensive vendor solutions and services. TechBridge offers much-needed succour by not just providing top-of-the-range market alternatives with equal or better technology performance and service delivery with the best team on the ground.

TechBridge isn’t your run-of-the-mill distributor, it’s a boutique disruptor, where selectivity is key, dedicated to fostering personalized relationships with carefully chosen partners. The aim is to build a symbiotic ecosystem, ensuring shared growth and success As TechBridge Distribution strides into the MENA region, it promises not just distribution but a transformative experience where innovation and collaboration thrive.

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