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Toshiba strengthens market position

Toshiba Computer Systems, a division of Toshiba Europe GmbH, has seen its market leadership in the UAE increase according to results of a recent market study conducted by GfK Retail and Technology.

Toshiba exhibited evident market importance in the UAE in July to December of 2010, achieving a high market share of 22.88% in the Notebook Category.

For the mobile computer category, Toshiba achieved a market share of 18.0% in the UAE during 2010. The results, with data gathered from December 2009 to December 2010 show that Toshiba continues to be one of the top brands in the PC industry.

“Toshiba continues to be a market leader in terms of product sales and innovation and the market study rationally fortifies our position in the UAE. Accordingly, this challenges us to improve our service, further enhance our innovations and expand our market reach in the region in order to strengthen our strategic and competitive advantage,” says Leon Gifford, UAE and Lebanon country manager, Computer Systems Division, Toshiba Gulf.

According to Toshiba its incentive programmes like “Sell and Win” and “Profit for Performance” significantly contributed to the impressive sales performance and growth rate the company attained. Toshiba’s Sell and Win programme, which is directed at floor sales staff, provides useful sales tools and regular sales and product training and presents them with opportunity to earn rewards. The Profit for Performance initiative is a rebate programme for retailers and dealers to help them maximise the opportunities presented by Toshiba, thus furthering sales performance and profitability in the UAE.

The market research results also revealed that Toshiba has a relatively high overall growth rate in the retailer field, increasing 8.8% for the year 2010, in comparison with its sale performance on the previous year in the UAE.

“The impressive growth rate percentage means that Toshiba is looking forward to continuous growth in the foreseeable future. Toshiba is confident that it can sustain its market leadership and fare better in the region in terms of sales and innovation,” adds Gifford.

The market research also looked into comparison between ultra mobile, tablet PCs, portable laptops, netbooks, and desktop replacement in terms of sales unit percentage and based on the results, portable laptop is the preferred device in the UAE with an average of 75% in sales unit percentage, followed by netbooks with an average of 25%.

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