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Dubai Future Foundation turns to AI to attract top talents

The Dubai Future Foundation has adopted HireVue – a new technology solution that employs artificial intelligence to enhance the process of hiring talents, making the foundation the first government entity in the UAE to embrace advanced technology within human resources management.

According to the foundation, by adopting this advanced technology, it aims to enhance productivity, improve performance levels, reduce the effort and time required to evaluate applicants, and accelerate recruitment processes.

Azzah Al Sharhan, Chief of Corporate Affairs at Dubai Future Foundation, highlighted that the applications of artificial intelligence technology have entered into most government sectors and contributed to a qualitative leap in various fields of business, which calls for further employment of advanced technology in upgrading various economic sectors and government services.

“Dubai Future Foundation is a pioneer in adopting advanced technologies and keeping abreast with global trends that are shaping the future, to further position Dubai as a hub for innovation and technology, and an ideal destination for talents and innovative minds. Employing advanced technologies in various areas of work, such as HireVue within the recruitment process at the foundation, is a testament to our efforts toward attracting the right talents,” Al Sharhan added.

This advanced technology reduces the number of steps involved in recruitment and transforms a long hiring journey into a set of smart interactive assessment tests designed in partnership with experts in industrial psychology at the University College London. The team, in collaboration with Harvard’s Kennedy School, also evaluated the long-term positive and negative effects of this technology.

Kevin Parker, HireVue’s Chairman and CEO, said, “It’s exciting that the Dubai Future Foundation is encouraging the use of validated science and technology to bring in the best talent that will contribute towards building and designing the future of the city.”

An artificial-intelligence based tool, HireVue Assessments test candidates job-related competencies and cognitive skills in seven languages in only 30 minutes, using tens of thousands of data points analyzed together for accurate evaluation.

Through HireVue, candidates’ professional experience, IQ, memory, mathematical and problem-solving skills are assessed. The main objective of the assessment is to enable the hiring team to select the most fitting candidates for the job, taking into consideration their answers to structured interview questions on job-specific competencies, as well as rational thinking, ability to multitask, communicate and present ideas clearly, provide logical answers to specific problems, work under pressure and detect errors and work on solving arising issues.

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