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Cofense Launches New Community Resource Centre

LEESBURG, Virginia: Cofense, the global leader in intelligent phishing defence solutions, today introduced the new Cofense Resource Centre. Formerly known as Community, Cofense has completely transformed their centralized resource hub with a new interface, an integration with Zendesk ticketing, and new capabilities to enhance the user experience. Within the Resource Centre, users can access a robust knowledge base, learn technical best practices, access a repository of product documentation and trainings, and grow existing phishing awareness strategies.

New features built in to the Cofense Resource Centre include enhanced search capabilities that make it easier for users to navigate support resources that will help them achieve their desired security results. A new customer ticket portal allows customers to quickly access all their tickets, and sort by key words or status. Technical support tickets created within the Resource Centre are automatically routed to Cofense engineers with the appropriate skills to troubleshoot the issue, resulting in faster resolution times.

The Cofense Resource Centre, organized by Cofense product, provides documentation, knowledge base articles, and specific relevant trainings. Also in the Resource Centre, a user can link to events, webinars and assets on the Cofense website. As a crucial part of the Cofense customer experience approach, the Resource Centre is a central location for frequently asked questions, product details, policies, and more to enable customers to be more proactive in their phishing detection and response efforts. As an added value, customers have access to a discussion board where they can submit and vote on future product features and capabilities.

“Our customers have shared that they wanted a streamlined and easy-to-navigate resource center where they could find solutions, and submit and track tickets,” said Carolyn Merritt, Cofense VP, Customer Experience. “We are very proud of the new Resource Centre and look forward to supporting users of all experience levels, and ultimately helping organizations improve their phishing detection and response programs.”

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