Riverbed on a ‘mission’ to advance human experiences

Charbel Khneisser, Regional Director, Technical Sales, EMEA Emerging  Market, Riverbed has outlined how IT leader Riverbed is focusing on enabling enterprises to deliver services designed to advance human experiences.

Khneisser, speaking on the floor of GITEX Technology Week, the  Middle East’s flagship ICT event, highlighted how Riverbed was helping customers navigate their way through the challenges posed by digital transformation.

He said, “Our mission is to help organisations advance the human  experience and we firmly believe that the purpose of technology is to ultimately advance human life. We help all our customers across a diverse range of verticals to increase their customer experience, customer satisfaction and employee productivity by introducing  disruptive new technologies designed to transform our lives. In addition to this we also help organisations embarking on digital transformation programs to implement the correct technologies to ensure they meet their objectives.

The Riverbed executive said its primary objectives at GITEX is  to promote their message of ‘digital networking’ and how they can help organisations build future networks.

He added, “One of our main focuses at GITEX and the message we  want to convey is the important role of digital networking and how we can help organisations build a future of networks. On top of these core principles and ideals we have a vast range of key solutions at Riverbed, one of which is network performance monitoring  which empowers our customers to make better informed decisions around investments and how they can transition to the cloud.”

Khneisser is tasked with the responsibility of managing emerging  markets in the EMEA region and one of his primary roles is to better educate customers and C-Level executives on the benefits of adopting cloud technologies.

“We have also recently announced our enhanced SaaS acceleration  solution and we’re working with our customers and C-Level executives very closely to offer them sound and expert advice on how they can adopt cloud and build hybrid networks that can ultimately help them leverage cloud technology to reduce their costs whilst  maintaining productivity and performance.”

He concluded by highlighting how its recent partnership agreement  with Versa will greatly enhance the services it can provide its customers.

“We have always had our SD-WAN solution but recently we signed  an OEM agreement with Versa which is going to enable us to add more features to our storytelling or our flagship solutions. One of the other key components of our partnership with Versa is that it will allow us to offer more scalability and security for our customers.”


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