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Without a proactive, AI-driven cybersecurity posture, organisations can fall prey to cyber attacks

Omar Zarabi, President and CEO of Port53.

Port53, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and Cisco’s number one global cloud security partner, has announced its second consecutive participation at GISEC, one of the largest global conferences that connects the MENA region’s IT security community. For their latest participation at GISEC, taking place between 14 and 16 March 2023, Port53 will showcase a unique activation in collaboration with the Dubai Cybersecurity Council that will challenge participants to improve their strategic thinking, problem-solving, and cybersecurity skills.

The company believes that with the ever-changing digital landscape, a solid IT security framework is crucial for business continuity and highlights the importance of cybersecurity knowledge for every employee at an organisation.

Port53’s ‘Cyber Box Maze Challenge’ activation for GISEC is designed as a maze where four new participants will compete against one another on each day of the event. They will navigate through a series of security challenges to reach the centre of the maze to claim the prize. Along the way, the players will need to use their knowledge to identify and overcome potential threats including phishing, malware, SQL injection, and encryption attacks.

On their upcoming participation in GISEC, Omar Zarabi, President and CEO of Port53, said, “The ever increasing cybersecurity attacks in the region, surpassing a 250% jump in the last year alone, means organisations need to rethink their cybersecurity and take steps to ensure business continuity. For our second consecutive participation at GISEC, we wanted to bring our trademark immersive experience for visitors to the show to help them visualise why IT modernisation is so vital for business success. We found gamification to be an interesting way to highlight the importance of cybersecurity in today’s changing business landscape. With cyber attacks becoming all the more sophisticated, at Port53, we enable organisations to predict the unexpected and protect themselves against emerging threats. However, no one is ever 100% immune to attacks. Hence, we work with customers to also ensure cyber resiliency, so they can quickly detect, respond, and recover from any cyber incident, minimising the impact of an attack on the business”.

Visitors to the Port53 booth at the GISEC Pavilion will also have the opportunity to learn about the company’s advanced enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions, meet with cybersecurity experts, and participate in interactive demonstrations of cutting-edge products and services.

“GISEC presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase our enterprise-grade solutions and AI-driven services designed for the needs of organisations of all sizes so they can thrive in a digital world. The data is dismal. Today, only 41% of organisations in the MENA region have a cybersecurity strategy in place. But what most organisations aren’t aware of is that they don’t need to choose between patchy and incohesive security solutions or expensive ones. There are better alternatives that we at Port53 provide, which are easy to deploy, simple to manage and allow for an effective and cohesive security stack”, said Maria Rousan, Port53’s Regional Managing Director – MENA.

Port53’s cloud-delivered security solutions are easy to deploy and manage and have proven to be an extremely effective defence against cybersecurity threats that can render businesses inoperative. Through their in-depth architectural approach, the company eradicates both internal and external security threats and vulnerabilities and offers customers a predictive approach to security. Port53’s integrated and automated systems are the difference between growing a business or simply reacting to security situations in a quickly changing digital landscape. Port53 utilises Cisco’s leading security offerings and provides tailored security solutions and services that give customers complete control over their security frameworks.

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