5 things you should know about blockchain

Blockchain technology backs up Bitcoin to this day. In line with this, there’s been an increased interest from a variety of industries looking to optimise it. But how much do we really know about this technology?

5 things you need to know about 5G

While it may still be years away, understanding how 5G will impact the enterprise now will help you plan accordingly. We bring you five points on how industry players can tap into the benefits of the technology.

5 reasons you need to hire a Chief Privacy Officer

Businesses are increasingly relying on data, but they’re overlooking another key aspect of it – privacy. In order to keep up with the growing regulations surrounding data privacy, it may be time to hire a Chief Privacy Officer.

The big move

Whether you’re looking to move to the cloud, considering the diversification of your cloud portfolio or simply looking to compare performance and value across clouds, we give you five key questions before making any decision.

5 enterprise software predictions for 2016

Software is the backbone of IT in the digital age, touching almost every aspect of our lives. So what does the future hold for one of the hottest industries in the world? Here, experts from Skyport Systems, Ceridian, Tasktop and Travel Tripper share their opinions on what to expect in 2016.

8 ways to avoid false positives

False positives could be considered the arch nemesis of your beloved build and CI pipeline, crying wolf and instilling doubt in your developers and raising questions about the value of your test automation.


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