FVC to deliver Virsec cybersecurity solutions in Middle East

K.S. Parag, FVC
K.S. Parag, FVC

FVC, a value-added distributor in the Middle East and Africa, has signed a strategic partnership with Virsec, a cybersecurity company delivering a new approach to protect organisations against advanced cyber-attacks.

The partnership will enable FVC to distribute Virsec’s cybersecurity solutions throughout the Middle East region.

Responding to a sharp increase in cyber-attacks targeting businesses, Virsec has validated its patented Trusted Execution technology with FVC’s partners and customers to provide unprecedented protection against advanced cyber-attacks. High-profile attacks such as WannaCry, NotPetya, Black Energy, Industroyer, and others have used advanced hacking techniques and memory exploits to hijack control, cause disruption, shut down critical business applications or worse. These techniques bypass conventional network security tools and have been considered “indefensible” by many security experts.

“Cybersecurity is a top concern for our customers today as hackers are evading conventional security defenses,” said K.S. Parag, managing director, FVC. “Virsec provides effective runtime application memory protection against fileless and memory-based exploits, helping our customers eliminate these dangerous attacks. Through this strategic partnership we have strengthened our IT security portfolio to provide our partners and customers with a complete suite of complementing security solutions required to protect their businesses and critical assets.”

Virsec is the only security vendor that protects processes and memory in real-time. The solution maps acceptable application execution, and instantly detects deviations caused by attacks. This deterministic process takes the guesswork out of cybersecurity by detecting and blocking application attacks within milliseconds, with precise forensics at every step.

Analyst firm Gartner has stated that memory protection should be considered “mandatory” and has recognised Virsec for its unique technology.

“It’s time to rethink how we approach security as hackers are using increasingly sophisticated attacks to expose holes in an organisation’s infrastructure,” said Bobby Gupta, Managing Director for International Business at Virsec. “These attacks affect all industries from critical infrastructure, government and defense, to financial services, healthcare, telecom, retail, and more. Our philosophy is simple – rather than eternally chasing elusive threats, we need to eliminate the guesswork in cybersecurity and stop attacks at the application, in real-time.”

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