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Residential property registration in Abu Dhabi now completely digital

The Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities has enhanced its digital presence by offering five new online services through its smart portal.

This brings the total number of digital services to as much as 44 since the launch of the digitalisation drive last April.

Saeed Suhail Al Mazroui, Director of Government Services Center at Al Dhafra Region, called on all entities and individuals to start the registration and open accounts through the smart services platform (Smart Hub).

He highlighted that signing up to the smart platform will offer them access to an array of digital services provided by the Department; which are on the rise.

Salama Al Dhahri, Director of Tawtheeq Tenancy Contracts Project at Al Ain Municipality, said, “The new service for attestation of tenancy contracts is part of the five services on offer to property owners (individual, company or heirs) for registration of the tenancy contract directly without requiring them to visit the offices of municipalities. Thus 11 digital services are being made available at the website of the Tenancy Contracts Attestation portal for Abu Dhabi Emirate. This step eliminates the need for 314 thousand annual customer visits to the municipal centres; which translates into a 100% completion of the digital transformation of the property owner’s journey.

“The property owner’s journey comprises of five stages: Activation of Tawtheeq tenancy contract services, property listing, property registration, establishing property management contract by owners, and starting the issuance of contracts.

The new service eliminates the need to for Abu Dhabi residents to visit to municipal centres. The property owner can link his or her account with a representative who will carry out the tasks on his behalf, and also without requiring a visit to municipal centres.

The registration of tenancy contracts in Abu Dhabi Emirate is directly linked with the Department of Economic Development and distribution companies (Water & Electricity) at Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and there will be no need to visit these entities as well.

“The client is just required to activate his or her account in the system; which will save the time of both the property owner and the tenant. The portal offers both of them excellent services such as updating the link with Tawtheeq account through the Smart Pass. The client will receive a text message including a link for printing the contract. The contract details will be transmitted directly to the distribution companies and the Department of Economic Development. It will enable the issuance of a report for all properties registered, details of contracts for each property, and verification of the contract to avoid fake contracts. The features also include the provision of details of residents and tenants remotely; without requiring IDs or being in the UAE.

The Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities urges individual property owners to avail this opportunity for instantly issuing tenancy contracts, thus save the hassles of visiting municipal offices. The Department will issue five additional services by the end of September to bring the total of tenancy contract services to 16 services all available through Abu Dhabi Tenancy Contracts Registration Platform and Tawtheeq portal (

Moaza Al Marzouqi, Director of Service Development, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said, “The new services launched by the Department include two services related to granting clients permits for constructing car shades in front of homes and villas within the plot boundaries. It will be possible to avail this services online without requiring the applicant to visit the Municipality as it is now possible to pay the fees and get the permit in a speedy manner,” she added.

The third online service includes issuing a permit to reduce the level of sidewalks in front of houses and villas to assist the movement of vehicles and equipment of people of determination. Clients may apply for such permits and complete procedures quickly and easily. They can also pay the fees and finish the transaction from anywhere in the world.

“The last five online services include paving entry and exit points of houses and villas by applying online and thus receiving confirmations without the need to attend to municipal offices,” added Al Marzouqi.

“Online services announcements will continue until the completion of all the services of the smart platform as the department believes in the importance of harnessing modern technologies for serving and bringing happiness to customers,” said Al Marzouqi.

The Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities has launched 39 digital services last April. By adding these five services, the Department avails 44 digital services to customers up to now.

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