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Airbus touts secure communications offerings at BIDEC

Andrew Forbes, Airbus
Andrew Forbes, Airbus

Airbus is showcasing its diverse portfolio of mission-critical offerings at the 2nd edition of Bahrain International Defense Exhibition & Conference.

The event, which is taking place between 28th and 30th of October in Manama, presents a unique opportunity for Airbus to display its latest technology in secure communications, the company said.

During the event, the spotlight will be put on the Tactilon Agnet 500, a modern, scalable, and flexible collaboration solution which is ideal for group communications.

The Mission-Critical push-to-talk application is based on 3GPP standards and features secure individual or group video, voice, data, and messaging services adapted for mission-critical and public-safety use; hence enabling the incorporation of state-of-the-art Airbus-certified, professional applications adding options such as facial recognition and licence plate recognition to the array of other applications and tools for the end users’ use on the field.

The company is also presenting the Tactilon Dabat, and its latest development, the Dabat Hybrid Roaming feature that offers both Tetra and LTE radio technologies in one unique ruggedised device while allowing the end user to perform their daily duties without being restricted solely to the Tetra radio coverage available.

Dabat Hybrid Roaming facilitates a seamless network change between both technologies which supports public-safety operations and maximises the benefits of secured hybrid communications. These technologies are designed to function in a completely transparent and fluid manner, aimed at more efficient and seamless mission and business-critical operations.

“In line with Bahrain Vision 2030 and our commitment towards achieving its objectives, Airbus has developed a detailed strategy to best serve all mission and business-critical players in the Kingdom’s market. Our participation at BIDEC helps to endorse growth and progression in the country by introducing our products and solutions to customers and experts in the Kingdom associated with the field of mission-critical communications” said Andrew Forbes, Head of Middle East and North Africa region for Secure Land Communications at Airbus.

“The event provides us with an opportunity to present the full spectrum of our advanced solutions, demonstrating key applications through detailed and interactive demos at the booth. BIDEC offers us the perfect platform to engage with our Bahraini customers; allowing us greater insights into how to use our extensive expertise for building secure and seamless mission-critical solutions, in addition to offering our dynamic device portfolios which will help facilitate digital transformation in Bahrain,” Forbes added.

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