Finesse, UiPath partner to offer Robotic Process Automation services

Finesse has partnered with UiPath, a global enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, to offer RPA solutions for businesses to automate their processes for increased efficiency and cost optimisation. Finesse said that the partnership will benefit its existing client base and will be extended to various verticals in the Gulf area and beyond.

To gain market advantage in today’s highly competitive landscape, organisations are increasingly seeking solutions to help them expedite operational processes, increase agility and deliver greater value to customers.

With UiPath solutions, Finesse will be able to enable clients to complete routine tasks with optimal agility. By delegating these processes to a virtual digital workforce of software robots, company employees will be able to focus on more strategic, creative and customer-facing initiatives.

Sunil Paul, co-founder and COO, Finesse, said, “Finesse with its strong presence in the Middle East and Asian markets and proven capabilities around business process automation services has strategically aligned with UiPath to leverage the fast-growing RPA opportunities. This will enable both of us to introduce high-performance digitisation and automation in business process of our customers.”

Anand Nagwani, vice president, partnerships EMEA, UiPath, said, “We are excited to partner with Finesse to bring our innovative enterprise-grade RPA platform to the region. Finesse’s expertise in various verticals and in-depth knowledge of different technologies will complement our strategic focus on delivering a fast to scale and easy to use RPA platform to regional customers. Our joint efforts with Finesse will enable organisations to make use of a full-fledged digital workforce and further enhance our position on the RPA market.”

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