Gearing up: HP’s Salim Ziade is ready for any role

HP’s Salim Ziade is ready for any role

Salim Ziade, General Manager for the Personal Systems Group has been working with HP for the last fifteen years now. He has moved through various divisions and various geographies during this time. From the supply chain side to product marketing to channel sales and finally to his current position. The most challenging part of the last fifteen years was when he was channel sales director for the Mediterranean, African and Middle East regions. With such a vast geography and multiple levels of country dynamics putting together a cohesive sales strategy was a tough one. And in his current job role putting a look glass on the volatility of the Middle East region to prepare a workable business forecast is another tough one.

But then the way Ziade has set himself up he is always looking ahead in his career for challenging roles to learn and progress. He calls this personal mantra, “The one’s to come,” and he is ready and waiting for more. Ziade is also a peoples guy and enjoys developing internal talent, bringing in external talent and building teams from diverse backgrounds. For himself Ziade feels he is a go-getter with passion and puts his heart and energy into anything he does. One of his latest passions is to get on a motorbike and drive out into the desert. He is also a passionate sailor and the UAE lets him do both at any time.

Along with rest of the outdoors and travelling, Ziade takes out time every morning to spend an hour on the computer with a cup of coffee scanning the news and the blogs. He feels it is necessary for him and his job role to be on top of things. His favourite device he can’t go without is his Palm Pre 2 with HP WebOs mobile. Ziade has a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Génie Industriel in Grenoble, France.

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