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Various employee postings available at for candidates to apply for. describes itself as a disruptive online recruitment portal. Its approach to recruitment is definitely innovative and path breaking. For every post that employers upload they are expected to provide various criteria for selection of the right candidates. Laimoon converts these employee specified conditions into a set of 6 pairs of flash cards that prospective candidates weave through before arriving at a set of best-fit, suitable job openings. Candidates then apply only to Laimoon accessible job openings. “The workflow provides clear signals in the noisy world of job search,” is how the portal describes the process.

Unlike conventional online recruitment portals, the complete mosaic of job openings at Laimoon is not accessible to candidates on entering the portal. “Candidates respond with how their experience fits your job, almost like a micro-interview.” To ensure there is sufficient volume of job postings for candidates at the end of its flash card navigation, Laimoon also displays links to external job postings.

For Laimoon registered employers there are no advance charges for uploading job openings. As the number of pre-qualified candidate application accumulates, employers can then decide whether to complete the transaction fee to access the candidate applications based on a visible and well defined ROI.

Registered candidates at are presented a pair of six flash cards to shortlist whether their profiles fits the available job openings at the portal. Only after responding to the pre-qualification questions and meeting the criteria of the prospective employer does Laimoon allow them to submit their applications to a particular job opening.

Prospective employers need to specify the top most criteria for pre-qualification of candidates. Laimoon converts employer criteria into flash cards and progressively presents them to candidates thereby filtering down the numbers to the most suitable.

Employer customers can monitor the build up of responses at without any payment and are assured that the numbers have already gone through a pre-qualification process. In comparison to other recruitment portals these numbers are fewer but employers have the assurance of better screened candidates. They are provided full access to the applications once they have completed the payment transaction to

Fewer but better screened applications from this recruitment portal can provide a higher ROI for would-be employers

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