What AI and Machine Learning Can Do

What really excites people in the business world is machine learning’s ability to use data to find patterns and trends.

AI/Machine learning is uniquely suited for this because it involves taking massive amounts of data and then using computers with algorithms. Computers are enabled to learn how to explore the data to find hidden information.

This allows businesses to do things like:

  • Improve retail sales with a recommendation algorithm
  • Anticipate equipment breakdown with a prediction algorithm
  • Detect fraud through anomaly detection

Machine learning can do this in ways that traditional analytics just can’t.

Machine Learning in Databases

You might not know that some databases come with machine learning inside them.

What this means is that you don’t have to go out and acquire a data science platform.

Now, this isn’t how every database provider does things, and it’s not how every machine learning platform does things. But it makes things easier for you in so many ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Do more than ever with your existing data, while maintaining control of data by using your database as a single source of truth and eliminating movement of data out of your database.
  • Experiment with machine learning products that come with the database and are optimised to start running. With the right products, you can even perform experimentation without needing data scientist skills, although they do make it easier.
  • Use machine learning in the database to develop solutions for everything from fraud detection to predicting customer behaviour to identifying selling opportunities.
  • Make it easy for teams to use the machine learning models you’ve created, and operationalise your machine learning more easily than ever.

Here’s what you get with AI/Machine Learning:

  • More simplicity for you and your employees, since you’re starting with tools and data you’re familiar with
  • More time, with algorithms in the database that ensure minimised data movement and more speed, which saves time and costs
  • More results faster, with models in the database that are easier to deploy and operationalise

All of this equals faster and easier time to impact, which is what everyone wants when it comes to a project like this.

Watch our free AI/Machine Learning for Database webinar to learn what is it about intelligence in the database that makes this possible, and what are the benefits.



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