Pouya Parsafar: Cherish the channel and the rush

Pouya Parsafar, sales director at Secureway Network Distributors

“The best part of my job is the fast paced environment of distribution and the continuous adrenaline rush,” says Pouya Parsafar, sales director at Secureway Network Distributors.

He considers his professional role at Secureway as being one of the richest learning experiences of his life. “Here, I can see and feel the sales process from the beginning right down to delivery and implementation. All through the process I have full visibility of accounts, logistics and vendor management picking up necessary skills and operational expertise along the way,” Parsafar explains.

Having worked with a number of prominent telecommunications and technology companies prior to joining Secureway, Parsafar takes a keen interest in understanding different cultures and religions.

“While I was in T8, my addressable market ranged from USA to South East Asia. I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with people from various cultural backgrounds and quickly learned to adapt operations to suit changing market dynamics in order to effectively perform my role as sales director of the company. While this was a challenge, it was also an opportunity for me to learn and evolve as a professional,” he says.

He adds that this is why he leverages the rapidly changing business and technology environment in the region to further fuel his professional drive. An individual that is eager to learn, Parsafar holds a Bsc in Control and Computer Engineering from the London University.

Parsafar indulges in constant connectivity and engagement, saying that his technology vices include his iPhone, iPad, iPod and Boxee. He believes that social media tools are important as they encourage jet setting individuals like himself to stay connected with friends and family.

Married with a seven year old son, Parsafar finds motivation in his family and enjoys spending time playing tennis or watching movies with his son. //

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