The home-grown Intel specialist

Engineer Taha Khalifa, regional director, Reseller Channel Organisation (RCO) at Intel, Middle East and North Africa

Engineer Taha Khalifa has grown through the ranks at the Intel Corporation, beginning his career with the IT giant in 1995 following his Master’s Degree from the Dundee University, Scotland in 1994.

Khalifa kicked off his career in the United States with the Intel Architecture Group (IAG) and Software Solutions Group where he assumed many senior engineering, marketing and management positions.

Today, Khalifa is regional director for the Reseller Channel Organisation (RCO) at Intel in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Passionate about technology and the impact it has on people’s lives, Khalifa believes his career graph through Intel resembles a learning curve. “I learned to appreciate diversity and respect radically different opinions; this helped grow my understanding of the world and knowledge of people. We have such an inspirational vision for Intel to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth. Feeling that I’m a part of this vision has been very enriching,” he says.

He adds that the rapidly changing world of technology is apt for those who are willing to learn and exceed expectations. “The ability to help customers grow their businesses by providing them with a competitive advantage and sustainably growing their business model is something that comes naturally to me and I truly enjoy it,” says Khalifa.

A person who aspires for continues growth; Khalifa leaves no stone unturned when it comes to education, believing this eagerness to learn as being his professional strength. For instance, I earned my MBA while working as an engineering manager at Intel; this helped me switch from the technical track to the business track at the organisation. Being at the leading edge of technology means you need to continuously learn about emerging technologies and products and how they meet customers’ expectations and demands. Even an organisation as large as Intel is careful to learn, adapt and evolve to keep growing, this explains the company’s move into the smart phone business,” he explains.

A fairly health conscious individual, Khalifa takes careful time to unwind after a day at work. “I enjoy travelling and spending time with my wife and two kids when am not working out at the gym. I particularly indulge in catching up on sports when I have the time,” he says.

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