Women of the channel- The passionate workaholic

Soussane Chartouny, marketing manager, Turkey, Emerging Africa and Middle East at EMC

Passionate about anything she sets her mind to, Chartouny describes herself as a self starter, driven personality who values honesty and integrity. These she says are the skills that have helped her earn people’s trust ultimately accelerating her career climb in the industry.

Chartouny joined EMC in 2008, having worked with a local company in Lebanon where she was responsible for the distribution of biometric security devices and HRMS applications in the Gulf.

In her current role at EMC, she focuses on supporting the organisation’s numerous channel partners across the TEAM region with their demand generation execution efforts. “This can only be achieved by cultivating a solid relationship with the EMC partners, listening to their worries and concerns and working with them to overcome the challenges,” Chartouny says.

With no one idol in mind, Chartouny says that admires the skills that different people bring with them and draws her inspiration from the people that surround her and their key strengths. “I sometimes emulate their personalities to make the right decisions and deal with pressing or exceptional situations. This is another reason why I enjoy working in the channel, it exposes me to people from various cultures and backgrounds and helps hone a versatile personality,” she says.

Chartouny believes that at this stage in her life her professional achievements contribute to her personal life and is honest in admitting that she doesn’t try too hard to maintain the work-life balance. “Fortunately, I have supportive family and friends that appreciate that sometimes it’s about the quality of time spent together rather than the quantity,” she quickly adds.

She adds that young women in the industry shouldn’t be let down by any stereotypical beliefs of what women can and cannot do or how they should act when in leadership roles. Chartouny explains, “The qualities of a leader, whether male or female, become self-evident after a few years in the industry. If you know your strengths and weaknesses and are committed to what you do, you will excel and succeed at having a proven track record. The rewards will then naturally follow.”

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