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Haidi Nossair, regional marketing manager, Middle East, Emerging Africa and Turkey at EMC

“Failure is not an option for me; I stand up to the challenge and do not give up. This reflects in how I select or assess my team members. I identify their talent and potential, while consciously investing time in mentoring and guiding them towards success. Because I do my job with passion I would like to lead by example and work with a team that is equally passionate about their jobs. I am an outspoken person and expect my team to be the same and express themselves and share their ideas without reservations,” says Nossair.

Nossair began her career as a retail account manager for HP, a role that was as much about channel development as it was about sales. “I was responsible for developing the consumer channel, while working closely with the volume distributors to close the loop on the supply chain. I then moved into my role as regional marketing manager at EMC where I was required to interact with the enterprise channel and the value distributors. As part of this, I worked with the channel partners to build their demand generation and development plans to help them achieve their ultimate goals,” she explains.

Nossair percieves the channel as the voice of the market and says that she learns about end users, industry trends and the competitors perception from regular meetings with the partner community.

A workaholic by description, Nossair considers work her passion and believes that to be the critical element behind her success.

“I identify the challenge, make the necessary decisions and focus on executing these decisions to the hilt.  The secret is I make sure to enjoy whatever I do. I always look around and absorb the characteristics of those individuals that I admire and who inspire me whether they are famous figures, people in my personal life, managers, executives and colleagues,” she says.

This rush of a challenge is what draws Nossair to her role at EMC. “The nature of the organisation is fast paced and dynamic. Each one of my four years at EMC have been different, each a new experience. This is what keeps me going and coming back for more,” she says.

“You are your only limitation. So, work hard and don’t let anybody put you down,” Nossair advices her younger peers.

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