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CirrusLabs showcases groundbreaking products at GITEX Global 2023

Veronica Martin spoke to Vish Nayagam, VP of Products at CirrusLabs during GITEX Global 2023 about the new products and solutions they are demonstrating and launching, key technologies and trends driving innovation and what value GITEX brings to CirrusLabs.

Can you tell our readers what new products and solutions you are demonstrating and launching here this week at GITEX Global 2023?

This year at GITEX Global, we are showcasing a range of innovative products and solutions that are designed to transform our sales business strategy. One of the main products is an AI powered GRC platform with a lot of AI enablement in the risk compliance and GRC space. Some of the other solutions we are showcasing  are AI-based solutions targeting some key sectors. In healthcare, our robust solution is aiming to patient care diagnostic and treatment plans, where AI and call centres are redefining the customer experience with AI driven MLP response systems and personal service enhancements. We also have AI maximizing financial operation efficiency through intelligent AI analysis predictions and automated workforce.

We also are showcasing the multi-cloud management platform, water driven testing and AI testing for automation, a groundbreaking approach, which we are pioneers in this. We have a testing space where there are models to generate test cases, ensuring higher accuracy, faster results, and enhanced software quality. We are also showing some of our innovation lab projects and giving a sneak peek into the latest AI concepts and proof of values being developed in our innovation labs.

From your company’s perspective, what are the key technologies and trends that you’re seeing that will drive your innovation and product roadmap for the next 12 months?

We’ll be focusing on AI based prediction, risk analysis on our GRC space, AI based reporting, cloud AI, open AI and open-source AI models. The open-source ecosystem has been a game changer recently and fostered a lot of collaboration and innovation. We are going to leverage the open source, open AI model and open source for technologies and to enhance our solutions. We will also have a uniform platform to manage multiple cloud, which will simplify integration and cost optimization. We are pretty solid in testing space, so we will be doing a lot of AI modern driven evaluation on testing.

By introducing model driven testing, we aim to expedite the software development life cycle and ensure the application is robust and at the highest standard of quality. Beyond just doing automation, we will also focus on hyper automation looks at your business processes, integrating and enabling AI, your ML into the core of your process and operations. We’ll also be helping our customers with AI based solutions, targeting their business process enhancements, operations and customer service.

How important is an event like GITEX Global for your company – and what value does it bring to your organization?

We have attended a lot of other shows in North America and Europe, but this is our first year at GITEX, which it’s a huge show and, being one of the premier tech events, it provides us a platform to showcase our products and connect to customers in this region. It also helps us connect with a diverse audience, potential clients and industry experts.

GITEX is also a great opportunity to network with a lot of techs, giant startups and meet all kinds of technological enthusiasts. We are going to showcase our products and brand value which really helps with customer engagement. We get to meet face-to-face with some of our customers and they see all our services, so GITEX is a great platform to interact and in a personal capacity.


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