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Veronica Martin caught up with Raisa Mahomed, AVP Strategic Engagements at Bahwan Cybertek, during GISEC 2023 to discuss the products and solutions they are showcasing this year, their plans for the region and How BCT brings value proposition into the technology industry.

What products/solutions are you showcasing at GISEC this year?

We’ve been a player in the region for over 20 years and it’s our second year at GISEC. This year we have three booths and we’re doing a whole showcase of cybersecurity solutions that run across identity and access management, application security and networking.

Why GISEC is important for your company?

It’s very important for us to showcase our solutions here to get more exposure in the region and other countries as well. GISEC brings a respected and recognized crowd, so people understand that when they come here and speak to the exhibitors, they get a wide range of their best solutions.

What are your plans for the region in 2023?

The region is a hub globally and it’s really set itself amongst the highest standards when it comes to digital solutions. There’s been a great expansion post covid and this is one of the regions that has recovered the quickest. We have seen tremendous growth, but with that it comes great challenges from a cybersecurity perspective. Customers have recognized the need of cybersecurity solutions and also the authorities, so the cybersecurity strategies governments are rolling out, recognize the challenges faced by companies here and also support them on this journey.

Our focus areas for this region are the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and, as we get more engaged, we see that whatever we’ve planned continues to expand, so that’s a very positive thing for doing business in this region.

What are some of the leading security trends companies should watch out for this year?

Security is a very vast topic. You get network security, information security, data security, identity, access management etc, but application security is really one of the top trends. With expansion comes the need for innovation and when companies need to innovate, they need to do it quickly and securely. That’s where we’re able to assist companies on their journey to do this.

As a result, companies use a lot of what we call open source projects and specific languages such as JavaScript and Python, but as you get people using these for good purposes, you get malicious actors, the so-called hackers, that actually use these packages to encrypt their malware or insert their malware into it.

Our solutions monitor these packages and identify the security vulnerabilities, so we make companies aware, but it doesn’t stop there because it doesn’t mean that because it hasn’t happened in the past, it’s not going to be infected in the future. We’ve seen this with a very popular package called Log 4k, which had a huge breach. People that were safe all of a sudden became vulnerable and it was with a specific version of it, so what our applications and solutions offer is that whilst you are in production, we do a continuous monitoring of it. This means when our customers woke up and the Log 4K attack happened, they were notified of the applications that were affected and how they could solve the problem.

How BCT brings value proposition into the technology industry?

Given our experience, technology, industry expertise and solutions, we bring the final end product and that’s where clients see our value. We listen carefully to our customers, understand their needs, learn from them and bring them flexibility to give them the best possible solutions.



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