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Amana Capital transforms customer experience with reimagined platforms

Dubai, 20 April 2022: Amana Capital, one of the leading online trading specialists in the MENA region, announced that the waiting list for the brand’s new mobile application is now open to the public, with those that register before the official launch of the app in May benefiting from a hundred dollars-worth of cryptocurrencies or tech stocks. Both the mobile application and the web-based platform come on the heels of Amana’s transformative drive, which saw the brand reimagine the entire customer experience through technology and an intuitive user interface to respond to Amana customers’ mobile-first preference.

Muhammad Rasoul, Amana’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We’ve seen a major shift in demographics for those that have been utilising our platform”, said Muhammad Rasoul, Amana’s Chief Executive Officer. “Today’s online traders are young and digitally-native, and it was an imperative that our transformation catered to this digital-first consumer mindset. We focused on building an app that combines a full range of financial products, with a user-friendly interface. We’ve also made sure the tutorials, lectures and educational content our customers love is all included in the app”.

“The educational piece is a key part of providing access to customers who want to trade or invest but don’t know how via our app”, continued Rasoul. “It reduces the huge, missed opportunity for people to start building wealth early on, particularly in our heavy consumer-driven world”.

Transparency and ethical trading are also at Amana’s core. Amana is restructuring their pricing policies, removed commissions wherever possible, and enhancing how it educates customers on possible risks involved throughout their trading and investing activities on the app. By providing financial education, transparency of risks and costs, and a user-friendly interface, Amana is providing access to millions of customers into the world of investment, with access to a regional and global portfolio of trading and investment products.

“Amana, at its heart, is a regional organisation, with the UAE being our home since we launched in 2010”, explained Rasoul. “It’s only natural – and right – that we provide a seamless, inclusive, transparent opportunity for our customers to invest in and benefit from the region’s economic development. Proudly, we are the only online platform to do so”.

With its customer-first approach, Amana has continued to address customers’ increased appetite for trading and investment, and as recently as February of this year, introduced more than 250 European and British-based stocks to the platform. Throughout the remainder of this year more products will be added crossing a variety of traditional and digital markets.

“Over the past twelve years, we have built a legacy in the regional online trading and investment space”, added Rasoul. “It is because of our agility, innovation, customer-focus, and our belief that everyone should have an opportunity to own and build their own finances. Our new app, our new approach builds on that base, the region deserves an evolution, or revolution in what it expects from trading providers. We are prepared to deliver just that”.

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