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Amman Stock Exchange increases network security with Extreme Networks

 Extreme Networks, Inc., a leader in cloud networking, recently announced that it will deploy a new fabric-enabled wired and wireless network for the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), so that it can continue to meet growing demands for network bandwidth as well as modernize and expand its operations throughout the region.

The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) is a vital financial institution in Jordan, offering a secure and regulated environment for trading securities. It plays a key role in the country’s economic development by facilitating capital formation and providing a platform for investors and companies to trade shares, bonds and other securities. The ASE is committed to transparency, efficiency and accessibility, aiming to enhance Jordan’s capital market and attract domestic and international investments.

The ASE requires a reliable, flexible network that can support continuous daily operations, including electronic trading systems that facilitate efficient and transparent trading while ensuring security for a large amount of sensitive data. With Extreme Fabric Connect, Universal 7000 and 5000 Series switches and high-speed Wi-Fi, the ASE can improve network performance and security to accommodate the growing number of connected devices and applications across the network. Further, network Fabric will enable the ASE to extend network services securely across different geographies and data centres and automate most manual IT tasks related to network configuration, minimizing potential human errors to ensure business continuity.

The new Wi-Fi network will allow users, guests and devices to securely connect to ASE services. Through hyper-segmentation, Extreme’s network Fabric will allow ASE’s IT team to segregate the various services and users that rely on the network, including guest connectivity, digital applications, CCTV, IP telephony, building management systems and access control, reducing risk and minimizing the potential blast radius of a lateral attack.

ASE’s IT team will leverage ExtremeCloud™ IQ – Site Engine to manage the new network, simplifying management across ASE’s multiple sites and giving teams improved visibility into network performance and activity. This will enable them to improve application performance by tracking what apps consume the most bandwidth and which ASE staff use most frequently, helping streamline daily operations and improving user experiences.

The network was deployed in partnership with the local AL-AWAEL Specialized Technical Services team. The team’s efficient support in addressing issues and close collaboration with the ASE team helped to ensure operational continuity and the project’s success with minimal disruption to ASE’s operations.

Extreme Networks works with leading financial facilities worldwide, helping them improve network security and operational efficiencies and create better experiences for guests and staff.

Executive Perspectives:

Eng. Fadi Sodah, IT Executive Director, Amman Stock Exchange

“Our partnership with Extreme Networks has been ongoing for over two decades and has helped Amman Stock Exchange pioneer using advanced technologies for our operations. We have a stable, reliable, and secure network infrastructure thanks to Extreme Networks. Their network solutions will make our operations more efficient and improve our foundation for future innovation and services. With Extreme, we know we will always have access to the support and innovation needed to maintain our operations efficiently This partnership shows our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement, enhances our operational capabilities and reinforces our dedication to providing a seamless and secure trading environment.”

Mohammed Momani, Territory Manager, Extreme Networks

“We are honoured to work with ASE on this project, collaborating to implement a new and improved network environment that will enable more innovation and connectivity for ASE and future-proof the exchange’s operations. Extreme’s solutions are a game-changer for regional customers in the financial sector, allowing entities like ASE to easily expand their services while maintaining security and building trust with stakeholders”.

Image Credit: Extreme Networks

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