AWS teams with Aryaka for unified infrastructure to access global cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced in partnership with Aryaka, the world’s first cloud-based WAN optimisation and application acceleration solution, a new solution that delivers a unified infrastructure for accessing global cloud and enterprise resources.

The announcement was made by the companies at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas today.

Aryaka provides an optimised network that ensures IT application instances running on AWS behave as if they were on the local network with any-to-any connectivity, regardless of where end-users are located around the world.

Using Aryaka’s network, enterprises provide optimised access for all of their locations and users to their designated locations within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments without installing appliances or private links.

Aryaka has multiple points of presence (POPs) across the world, interconnected via a secure, dedicated and redundant core network, as well as a full-featured WAN optimisation software stack running at each of these POPs.

Aryaka integrates the Amazon cloud to the enterprise headquarters and all its remote office locations in a meshed environment. This is especially relevant for global organisations with business needs where AWS does not currently have a presence.

Remote offices are no longer limited by the latency between their offices and the AWS instance. They can connect to a local Aryaka POP and are transported across the optimised network to their destination.

Applications that are geographically distributed and require guaranteed bandwidth between AWS data centres take advantage of the Aryaka private core network as well as WAN optimization techniques to maximise throughput and collaboration between office locations.

The solution also allows for disaster recovery data transfers to complete faster as compared to Internet bandwidth.

“By connecting AWS directly into the global Aryaka WAN, we are able to deliver a global cloud of resources that all corporate sites can access and be extremely productive,” said Ajit Gupta, founder, president and CEO at Aryaka.

“Aryaka removes latency as a barrier to productivity for business users and without the need for additional bandwidth – an additional cost saving. On Aryaka, AWS simply meshes into becoming another branch on the newly defined global optimized WAN,” Gupta added.

CNME sub-editor Ben Rossi is reporting live from Interop 2012 in Las Vegas this week. You can follow tweets from the event at @computernewsme and #interop.

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