Comguard announces strong GFI sales results for 2012

Comguard on Thursday announced that it has achieved serious growth in the sales of GFI Software products across the Middle East.

Speaking at GFI’s second Middle East partner conference, Nandini Sapru, Channel Sales Manager, Comguard, said that, in 2012, the distributor saw a 21-percent increase in sales of GFI products in the Middle East.

This included a 19-percent increase in new business sales, making it the software vendor’s best year in the Middle East so far.

Sapru also said that, though 95 percent of GFI’s customers worldwide are part of the small and medium business (SMB) market, the distributor was beginning to target larger enterprises with GFI products, too.

“The average selling price (ASP) per order is increasing,” she said. “If you’re seeing a growth of ASP, it generally means you’re moving out of the SMB space. And the percentage increase for ASP is something we want to maintain.”

Sapru then broke down the Middle Eastern sales figures for 2012 into country-specific numbers. She said that the UAE saw a 104-percent increase in GFI sales, while Saudi Arabia’s sales increased by 56 percent. Meanwhile, Bahrain posted a 43-percent increase in sales.

Out of the products that GFI offers, Sapru said that WebMonitor and MailArchiver had been the most popular with customers. WebMonitor sales grew by 43 percent in 2012, while MailArchiver sales saw a 27 percent increase, she said.

Despite the impressive growth figures, however, Sapru said that there was still work to be done. She cited the fact that, during 2012, Comguard had generated 65,893 leads, which eventually translated into 2,379 sales.

This amounted to a three-percent conversion rate, which, while decent, could still be improved. Sapru said that Comguard would be targeting a five-percent conversion rate for 2013.

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