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Fluke Networks rolls out OptiView XG Tablet

Fluke Networks has introduced the OptiView XG, a network analysis tablet that provides the fastest1 solutions for network and application problems for both wireless and wired access – anywhere in the network.  The tablet expedites network and application problem solving by automating root cause analysis and providing guided troubleshooting to address problem areas.

“OptiView XG is an instant, integrated window into your network in a form factor – the tablet – that you can take from the data center, to the production floor, to the office desktop,” said Gary Ger, vice president, enterprise network analysis, of Fluke Networks. “We’ve built on nearly 20 years of network troubleshooting leadership by integrating the key technologies network engineers need into a single, portable tool which helps them solve network and application problems faster and improve overall IT efficiency.”

“The ability to solve both network and application problems is crucial for today’s network engineers,” said Debra Curtis, research vice president and analyst at Gartner. “That need, combined with critical staff levels in many organizations, means tools that integrate multiple functions, and automate the collection of performance data will be key to greater efficiency and less downtime.”
The OptiView XG is designed to provide a wide range of functionality necessary to adapt to the dynamic and diverse networks of today through various features including:

Intuitive user interface and customisable dashboards:

  • In addition to a bright, easy-to-to read screen, the OptiView XG features customizable dashboards that can be personalized for each user or help transform data into reports for employees at all levels of the organization – from technicians to managers.

Path and application infrastructure analysis

  • Automatically discovers the path between two points in the network and monitors performance along that link to identify network issues that can impact application performance.  This decreases the time required to isolate network versus application problems.

Guided/proactive troubleshooting

  • Provides a head start on solving problems by collecting and analyzing granular data (including NetFlow) collected for 24 hours, so users can go back in time to analyze when the problem surfaced. It also automatically identifies more than 40 different network problems and offers possible causes, impacts and solutions.

Integrated WLAN solution

  • Three-radio design reduces deployment and troubleshooting time with simultaneous network discovery, wireless performance analysis and interference detection using industry-leading AirMagnet technologies.   When mobile, this allows users to monitor the health of key network devices, while performing real-time analysis of Wi-Fi environments.

“The OptiView XG will help solve problems and get networks up and running faster than ever before,” said Mike Pennacchi, owner and head network analyst of network troubleshooting consultancy Network Protocol Specialists.  “The dashboards let users configure the information the way they want to see it, and it automatically discovers both wired and wireless sides of networks, which is incredibly important to users in a portable tool.”


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