How to delete Facebook

Facebook is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, and this could be enough to turn you off the social network for good. If you’ve fallen out of love with Facebook, it’s easy to delete your account. The only question is whether you want to permanently delete Facebook or temporarily disable your account.

Permanently delete Facebook

Be aware that permanent deletion of your Facebook account cannot be undone
If you’re 100 percent sure, visit the Delete Account page in your web browser
Click ‘Delete my account’

Temporarily disable Facebook

A better alternative for those who aren’t entirely sure they’ll never want to come back to Facebook is to disable their account. This way they won’t lose any of their stuff, such as contacts and photos.

Log into Facebook in your browser
Tap the down arrow at the top right of the page and choose Settings
Click Edit next to ‘Manage account’
Click ‘Deactivate your account’ at the bottom of the page
Enter your Facebook password
Give a reason for leaving, tick the Email Opt-out button, then click Deactivate
You can re-enable your account at any point by signing into Facebook

Before you go: How to download Facebook data

If you want to keep the information and data on your Facebook account before you delete it, you can download everything as an archive onto your computer. Facebook can download the posts, photos and videos you’ve shared, your messages and chat conversations, information from the About section of your profile, and more.

Log into Facebook in your browser
Tap the down arrow at the top right of the page and choose Settings
On the main General Account Settings page click the link at the bottom to ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’
Click ‘Start my Archive’

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