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Huawei positioned as ‘Challenger’ in Gartner magic quadrant

Huawei has announced that it has been positioned in the ‘Challengers’ quadrant of the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for enterprise firewalls.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant report assesses vendors based on two criteria: completeness of vision and ability to execute.Huawei

According to Huawei, it has been moved to the Challengers quadrant due to its position as a major player in the global firewall market as well as its innovative dimensional defense system consisting of high-performance hardware NGFWs, cloud-based virtual firewalls, and cloud sandboxes. Huawei NGFWs are one of preferential products for network security solutions deployed by enterprises worldwide.

Kevin Hu, president, Huawei Switch & Enterprise Gateway Product Line, said, “We think that Huawei’s promotion to Challenger is a high recognition of Huawei’s persistence in providing customers with ACTUAL (Application, Content, Time, User, Attack and Location) awareness-based NGFWs. It’s also a recognition of Huawei’s efforts in joint innovations with industry customers, handling new security challenges, and holding fast to continuous product R&D investment.

Hu also underlined that as cloud computing is gaining momentum, the range of attacks targeting enterprise infrastructure continuously expands, and enterprises are facing an increasing number of unknown threats. “Enterprises need on-demand security protection capability, orchestration and scheduling, and the network security defense systems based on AI, and machine learning to proactively defend against unknown threats. Huawei is in the process of building service-based, intelligent, and automated next-generation network security and develop intelligent network-wide detection and proactive defense systems for enterprises,” he added.

Cloud security risks are the most concern for enterprises to migrate their business to the cloud. The Gartner report said, “Many enterprises are looking to firewall vendors to provide cloud-based malware detection instances to aid them in their advanced threat detection efforts, as a cost-effective alternative to stand-alone sandboxing solutions.”

By integrating cloud-based sandboxing inspection services, Huawei NGFWs can inspect millions of files per day and detect 0-day vulnerabilities around 30 hours earlier than the average in the industry. Enterprise customers can rapidly obtain the latest threat intelligence worldwide as well as online security service support for deep inspection on suspicious traffic to perform proactive defense against unknown known and unknown threats.

Huawei is dedicated to technological innovation and providing its customers with differentiated solutions. In the fields of enterprise firewalls and cybersecurity, it has maintained rapid market share growth. According to a 2016 Gartner report about firewall equipment vendor revenue, the revenue from 2015 to 2016 of Huawei firewalls had a higher growth rate that year than any competing vendor in the industry. Currently, Huawei NGFWs are serving more than 100,000 enterprises in over 70 countries to help customers building a proactive, network-wide, and intelligent threat detection and defense system for digital transformation.

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