Intel Security to discontinue McAfee SaaS products

Intel SecurityIntel Security has announced plans to decommission select McAfee software-as-a-service products.

According to reports, on 11th January 2016, Intel Security will stop selling McAfee SaaS Endpoint and SaaS Email Protection and Archiving.

Although new sales will cease next year, existing customers can continue renewing their subscription and receiving support until 11th January 2019, said Intel Security. Moreover, depending on certain subscription types, limited support will be available for some services until 2021.

McAfee SaaS Endpoint products that will be discontinued include McAfee Security Centre, Browser Protection and Content Filtering, Antivirus/Anti-Spyware Protection, and Firewall Protection. Customers will have to switch to the new McAfee Endpoint Security platform for client protection technology.

McAfee SaaS Endpoint and McAfee Security Centre customers will move over to McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) Cloud for managing endpoint security. McAfee SaaS Web Protection is not affected and will continue to be sold and supported.

For email protection and archiving, affected components include email archiving, email encryption, and email protection and continuity. For SaaS email archiving customers, email will continue to be archived until the subscription’s expiration date, and then customers must extract archived messages and import into an alternative platform within six months. After that six-month period, all messages will be automatically and permanently deleted from the archive.

The services will be available online until 11th January 2021, with varying levels of support. On the other hand, customers who don’t have McAfee Email Gateway will not be able to renew their services past 11th January 2017. Customers are encouraged to switch to Proofpoint as the alternative email security platform, but details on the switch to the third-party tool are not yet available.

Intel Security also announced end-of-life plans for the McAfee Email Gateway appliance, McAfee Vulnerability Manager, McAfee Network Threat Response Software, McAfee Qurantine Manager, McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management, and McAfee Asset Manager. The SaaS applications are being turned off because McAfee Enterprise Mobility Manager and McAfee SaaS Email Protection will no longer be supported.

The company reports that further instructions on how to switch to the new products will be announced soon.



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