Logicom rebrands online presence

Logicom Website1Logicom has launched its flagship company website along with other social media sites.

According to a statement released by the company, the website, provides visitors with features such as a form to request quotes, product information and other enquiries, a news and events section that is continuously updated, an employment portal and sections about the company’s highlights such as current partnerships, success stories, and awards.

Apart from this, each Logicom office within the countries of Greece, Romania, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey and Malta will have their individual local website. According to the company, these will provide visitors looking for country-specific information with news, events, and product information that is unique to each country. Visitors can access each country site via a drop-down menu within the Distribution site.

It has also created an online presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visitors can ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ the company for live updates of the latest news, company and partner events, product offerings, promotions and general information as well as engage in an active online conversation, says the company.

“The Logicom rebranding was a major project for us, and we are very excited to see our efforts come to fruition, in the form of our new website and social media sites. Through these sites, visitors can stay abreast of all the latest product news, business activities, events and milestones at Logicom, and find out more about our company through the various dynamic features of our site. We’re looking forward to communicating with the public through our new online presence,” says Aline Hobeika, Marketing and Communications Manager, Distribution, Logicom.

This new online presence completes the company’s recent rebranding plans, which aimed to upgrade and renew its way of communicating with the public.

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