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Makini Launches Robotics in New Cambridge Curriculum

Monday 8 February 2021: Makini’s Cambridge learners are embracing the new robotics and coding classes as part of their curriculum. The classes began on 11 January 2021 as part of an education offer aimed at preparing learners for success in the modern world.

“This year will be a year to fully embrace robotics and coding as part of our academic offer. We intend to allow our learners to be as creative as possible using available resources to create their projects. Robotics and coding are among the pillars of our educational philosophy and differentiated lessons bringing about lifelong learning, confidence and relevant skills for the modern world,” said Vincent Omondi, Head of Digital Innovation at Makini Schools.

The Adruino starter kits combined with Adruino IDE open-source software are being used to allow students to learn basic coding languages such as variables functions. In addition, students will learn basic electronics, which is fundamentally an area that robotics heavily relies on. The projects will cover main areas such as:

  • Lights: Traffic lights, Car Indicators, Decorative lights, Emergency lights, Hazard lights etc
  • Sound; Alarms, Sirens etc
  • Motion: Robotics arm, auto gate, auto doors

At the end of each skill area, the student will be expected to come up with a project that aims at solving a challenge at school or society.

Makini Schools launched the Cambridge Curriculum in September 2020 in a bid to meet the demand to broaden the curricula options available to parents and learners. The Cambridge curriculum will retain the Kenyan values aligned to our education ethos. Besides robotics and coding, learners are being taught Kenyan history and geography.

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