SAP launches Fiori, announces partnership with Google for Chrome published applications

SAP today announced the release of SAP Fiori, a set of 25 easy-to-use applications for the most frequently used transactions, available across a broad range of devices, to be published on Google Chrome.

SAP Fiori is available through SAP Marketplace, also announced by Vishal Sikka, Member of Executive Board, during his final day keynote at Sapphire Now.

“It’s 25 applications available across your desktop, smartphone and tablet. When you roll this out for your users, they will see it, use it, and feel it,” he said.

Fiori is built in tandem with SAP’s new partnership with Google, which has been drafted in to help SAP deliver a set of new applications with a heavy focus on design, feel, and look.

“It’s a truly responsive design which is reinventing the user experience.”

Google said that the partnership with SAP is to develop beautiful HTML5 applications built from the ground up, that are optimised for Chrome.

“We found a partnership with SAP to bring the beauty and ease of the consumer world to areas like finance, retail, and government – to allow these to have a rich consumer experience. These beautiful applications are optimised on Chrome, the most secure and modern browser on the Internet.

“We are working together to make it easy for SAP developers to create applications on HANA and publish them on Chrome.”

Sikka said that a number of big customers are already using Fiori, including Colgate.

“People are bringing their own devices to work and they’re expecting applications to intuitively work across these devices and make life easy for them,” Tom Greene of Colgate said.

“So we deployed Fiori – it was very easy and not disruptive at all. It took three weeks and the users love how intuitive and how fast it is.”


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