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Trend Micro launches solution with cloud-client technologies

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in the fight against cybercrime, has released new security software that provides state-of-the-art protection for consumers’ data, delivered with optimal performance and ease-of-use. Trend Micro’s Titanium Security 2011 stops viruses, spyware, and phishing attacks before they reach the PC.

Titanium 2011 utilises a cloud-client strategy that combines cloud-based web, email, and file reputation services with Trend Micro’s Smart Scanning technology for real-time, up-to-date protection against today’s sophisticated threats. The new three-product family includes Titanium Antivirus+, Titanium Internet Security, and Titanium Maximum Security. Each provides customers with better performing, easiest-to-use security software that ensures ultimate protection.

Because a portion of the application resides on Trend Micro’s own servers, Titanium 2011 is able to stop threats before they can reach a protected PC. This partially cloud-based architecture also lightens the protected computer’s processing, memory, and storage load, resulting in significant performance gains. In real world test scenarios, early independent testing has already determined that Titanium is a leader in protection and performance and is designed to stop Internet malware proactively.

“Titanium 2011 is an all-around win for consumers,” said Carol Carpenter, executive general manager for the Consumer and Small Business units at Trend Micro. “Our new technology takes family and PC protection to entirely new heights and is the most effective way to challenge the explosion of real world online threats that we expect will continue indefinitely. It’s a major upgrade for our customers, for Trend Micro and for the industry.”

Titanium uses Trend Micro’s Smart Scan engine to deliver immediate protection directly from the Internet cloud. By accessing Trend Micro’s continually updated reputation databases over the Internet, response to threats is significantly faster than with conventional security software. Such applications require large periodic downloads of malware signatures that provide less effective protection than Titanium 2011’s access to live reputation data.

The Smart Scan engine also works with local indexes and caches, as well as heuristics and behavior monitoring technologies, all of which reside on the customer’s PC, so the user’s data is still protected when the PC is offline. This powerful combination fights threats both in the cloud and on the local machine.

Trend Micro Titanium 2011 also takes advantage of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure that operates discreetly in the background, analyzing files and Internet activities for threats. There is no need for users to worry about keeping a large database of protection signatures continually updated on the local PC hard drive, since the reputation services used by Titanium Security 2011 are located in the cloud. This is a completely new way to protect users’ data.

Previous security applications from Trend Micro and its competitors store threat information on the protected computer itself. Besides requiring the machine to actually “touch” an infected site in order to evaluate the threat, it also required frequent updates of the threat database.

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