ZOTAC announces enhanced ZBOX nano AQ01

 The new ZBOX nano AQ01Graphics cards, mainboards and mini-PCs manufacturer ZOTAC International has announced enhanced its ZBOX nano form factor with quad-core processing power.

The new ZOTAC ZBOX nano AQ01 series harnesses the latest AMD A4-5000 Kabini APU to deliver CPU and GPU processing/

“Our ZBOX nano form factor is well-regarded for its compact size and energy-efficiency. With the latest AMD A4-5000 APU, we’re able to boost performance all around while reducing maximum energy consumption compared to our previous generation with the ZOTAC ZBOX nano AQ01 series,” said Carsten Berger, senior director, ZOTAC International.

The quad-core AMD A4-5000 enables the ZOTAC ZBOX AQ01 series to excel greatly with multi-tasking,  while AMD Radeon HD 8330 graphics empower the ZOTAC ZBOX AQ01 series with integrated graphics capabilities that rival discrete add-in boards, say ZOTAC.

The DirectX 11.1 compatible graphics provides the ZBOX nano AQ01 with 3D capabilities and video playback capabilities.

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