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Bahrain telco gears up for 5G roll out

Batelco is gearing up for the launch of 5G mobile networks, which will be rolled out in three phases in the local telecom market, the company said in a statement.

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The announcement following Batelco Chairman Shaikh Abdulla bin Khalifa Al Khalifa’s visit at the company’s Training Centre to review the company’s readiness for the fifth generation technology and future plans developed by Batelco to enable it to deliver products and services, based on 5G technology which will be introduced gradually over the next three years internationally.

During the Batelco Chairman’s visit, the firm’s Business Unit presented its strategic plans for the coming years with regard to the development of products and services supported by 5G technology. They outlined the progress so far and the challenges faced in addition to the plans to overcome those challenges. The project will be rolled out in three phases to provide the local telecom market with the latest technology.

The Chairman was accompanied by a number of Board members and executive management, who were briefed by Ericsson, Batelco’s technology partner in the development of the 5G network.

Ericsson presented a detailed presentation on the advantages of the 5G technology and how it can be applied in everyday life, and how it will enhance the experience of individuals and business owners alike. The company’s representatives explained the stages of introducing 5G technology worldwide over the next three years, in addition to explaining the techniques used, and how they work on the ground.

As part of the development plans, Ericsson has set up a modern technical centre at Batelco headquarters in Hamala to test the 5G network with Batelco’s dedicated team, working alongside them in the network development project.

The Chairman of the Board watched a short film on a mobile device connected to the Batelco 5G experimental network supported by Ericsson to give a live experience of the service, which is Batelco’s first real experience of the 5G technology.

Sheikh Al Khalifa expressed the Board’s satisfaction with the efforts made by Batelco’s management in relation to 5G technology, and their ability to develop a technical and practical plan in line with its development stages, to meet the needs of the telecommunications sector in general and the customers’ interests in particular.

“Providing the latest telecommunications technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain is our top priority and one of the key pillars in enhancing the telecom sector in line with the Kingdom’s plans in improving the National telecom infrastructure and supporting the growth of the digital economy and the required ecosystem,” he said.

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