Which industries has digitalisation culled?

A range of household names have succumbed to the power of digital technology in recent years. We explore where the likes of Kodak went wrong, as well as the industries that are on the verge of the most profound disruption – or even extinction.

Bad (Internet of) Things

Having seen first-hand the damage that can be caused by malicious IoT devices during the Dyn attack in October, organisations must now consider what can be done to keep these clever things from causing harm.

Is WhatsApp missing a trick?

Avaya Director for Sales Engineering for the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Savio Tovar Dias gives his take on WhatsApp’s most recent announcement and how it can be instrumental in improving customer experiences.

Consumer is king

As data centres move towards being software-defined, application response time is deemed as more important than infrastructure capacity management. With applications consisting of a plethora of services delivered from a range of resources, end-user experience (EUE) is key.

5 enterprise software predictions for 2016

Software is the backbone of IT in the digital age, touching almost every aspect of our lives. So what does the future hold for one of the hottest industries in the world? Here, experts from Skyport Systems, Ceridian, Tasktop and Travel Tripper share their opinions on what to expect in 2016.

Tipping the scale

In 2014, Gartner coined the term ‘Web-scale IT’ and predicted that by 2017 it will be an architectural approach found functioning in 50 percent of enterprises globally. With the unprecedented rise of an inevitable data-driven world, this IT approach is expected to help businesses achieve the agility, scalability and business growth that meet rising industry demands.

Ericsson: Networked Society to benefit major industries

The Networked Society is important in all aspects of life today, and especially going forth into the future. It is a starting point for innovation, socialisation and changing the way in which whole communities interact and live their lives.

Jumbo Electronics launches online store

Jumbo Electronics, the regional consumer electronics retailer and distributor in the UAE, has launched its innovative online shopping portal that combines the retailer’s expertise in local markets with the capabilities of e-commerce and digital strategy specialists, including Build-a-Bazaar, RBBi, MENA360, and Google, to offer a comprehensive omnichannel experience to shoppers.

Trust issues

Storing data in the public cloud can be both convenient and cost-effective. Vendors can do some things to ensure security, but is data stored on the public cloud ever truly safe? CNME investigates the benefits and pitfalls to storing data on the public cloud.

Flying high

In his first visit to an emerging market after taking over the reins at Juniper Networks, Shaygan Kheradpir sat down with us to talk about his vision for the company and strategy for the new era of IT.

In the right direction

Training partners is imperative for a successful channel business. Reseller ME investigates how the channel goes about implementing these programmes and the roadblocks.


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