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ChatBot – Part of Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

Harini Vijayakumar, Digital practice pre-sales consultant  for Intertec, discusses how customer service and the digital transformation experience may soon become an integral part of ChatBot.

Chatbot has become part of almost every business. We can see that the Bot has become the chief in customer service. It has reduced the workload of contact centre agents considerably, answering the most frequently asked questions. It has also given agents time to improve their skills in taking up more challenging queries and tasks.

Harini Vijayakumar, pre-sales consultant for Digital practice, Intertec

Chatbot can be made available through multiple channels, and choosing the right one is crucial for any business. Understanding your customer and knowing their preferred channel of communication helps in deciding where you want to place your bot. The channel list ranges from Website, Portals, Mobile apps, Skype, Slack, Teams, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Chatbot is an ideal fit for public-facing entities like government/automobile/healthcare who are looking for 24/7 service offering, ease of use with absolutely no learning curve and an inexpensive solution. If your customers know how to read and type, then they know how to use a Chatbot. 

These bots can respond to queries, raise a service request, book an appointment, and help generate leads. The success of a Chatbot is measured using various parameters, the most common ones being the ability to fulfil a request, or to handle an end to end conversation, without getting it transferred to a call centre agent. The success rate highly depends on its training. It is important to let the bot focus on mastering a set of capabilities before adding new functions and conversations.

We at Intertec, with our rich experience across domains, developed our own Chatbot with capabilities on handling queries and transactions with ease through multiple channels. This complements our digital practice to provide an omni-channel customer experience that aligns with Industry standards, TRA and local government guidelines. The bot is well integrated with our process automation platform and can also be integrated with any backend systems.

We are working with our customers in automating use cases like Bill payment, Filing a complaint, raising a service request, booking an appointment, answering FAQ, etc. We do not limit ourselves with external facing services, but also help in enhancing the employee experience. We have embedded the bot on intranet portals to handle employee queries and inter-departmental requests. The bot can also help in guiding employees on their day to day activities which enables continuous training.

We see bot as a platform which can help grow your business, enhance employee productivity and provide 24/7 service availability which can bring in better ROI over a short period of time.

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