What’s in store?: Cybersecurity experts share predictions for 2020

Which technologies will make the biggest impact on the cybersecurity industry in 2020?

Abhijit Mahadik, Director – Cybersecurity Solutions, Raqmiyatcybersecurity 2020

The “unknown” is the biggest cyber threat businesses will face. AI and machine learning (ML) will become more prevalent in traditional business processes making a large impact on the cybersecurity industry in 2020.






Ammar Enaya, regional director – METNA, Vectra

Security operations are going to take a major shift to behaviour-based methodology for threat detection and response. Companies are already performing a stack ranking on the tools they have and the ones that don’t make the cut are going to be out. There are too many tools in the toolset and companies don’t want to pay for these anymore. New behavioural analytics techniques will reduce the total number of security tools in use within security operations today. Less is going to be more.



Abdeslam Afras, AccesData: We should all agree that 2020 will come with its own security challenges.

New malware, insider threats, and advanced persistent threats will surely come with new customized features. All these threats, and more, will require the security community to be serious about developing new security solutions to keep up with the growing threats. One of the solutions that proved its effectiveness in halting catastrophic cyber-attacks is AI. We have already seen security vendors flavor their products with AI-based features. As we find that old techniques and technologies are no longer able to stop hackers, we can expect to see an increase in availability of AI-based security solutions.

On the other hand, cybercriminals will also start to use AI to their favour to craft more clever malware to avoid detection. So, the bottom line is that regardless of whether it’s used by attackers or defenders, AI will be more powerful than ever in the next year.

Another technology that will have a great impact on the cybersecurity landscape next year is the emergence of 5G networks. As telecom companies are racing to adopt 5G networks, hackers are also working hard to use it to their advantage. The advantage of 5G resides in its speed which will be up to 5Gbps with almost no latency. This will open the door for new attack vectors as well as older ones such as DDoS attacks.

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