What’s in store?: Cybersecurity experts share predictions for 2020

How will cybersecurity roles evolve?

Karl Lankford, Director – Solutions Engineering, BeyondTrustcybersecurity 2020

We will see a shift in the way the business talks about cybersecurity. We will see an expansion of cybersecurity content across the business, especially as more digital natives enter the organisation in senior roles. Broadly speaking, the workforce will have a better fundamental understanding of cybersecurity and privacy.

In terms of cyber-specific roles, I think we’ll see more organisations accepting the need for continuous professional development because of the nature of the evolving risk.


John Pescatore, SANS: The biggest advances in cybersecurity will be made when the security team is able to get security “baked in” across the company. That is when software architects can be convinced to build security monitoring capabilities into DevOps platforms; procurement managers can be convinced to include security evaluation criteria in procurement of sensitive technology and services; and corporate management and directors can be convinced to back changes in corporate strategy that can better protect information and customers.

To do this, the major role change is for the CISOs to increase their abilities to communicate outside of the security group and to drive change.

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