What’s in store?: Cybersecurity experts share predictions for 2020

What opportunities and challenges will the upcoming Expo 2020 bring to the regional security industry?

Nicolai Solling, Help AG: There’s no doubt that Expo 2020 will be a tremendously large security exercise in terms of both the scale and complexity of technologies needed to protect the infrastructure and visitors to the country. From what you can read in the press, the Expo site will be a technological marvel with smart-city innovations and IT integrated into every technical installation.

At the same time, the Expo is a high-profile event with great visibility on a global scale. While all of this is exciting for us it is unfortunately also exciting for threat actors. We saw this at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea where there was a significant amount of specifically tailored malware targeted at the event organizers, participants and visitors.

Since the Expo will be such a massive event from a media perspective, we can expect that phishing campaigns will also use this event both on a local and global scale, to impact both businesses and individuals.

Subhalakshmi Ganapathy, ManageEngine: Being one of the most popular shows, Expo 2020 will facilitate extensive peer learning among cybersecurity professionals worldwide. It will present the opportunity for security professionals to learn new techniques to tackle cybersecurity issues, understand the compliance standards across the globe, and provide a glimpse of integrated security systems and services.

Abhijit Mahadik, Raqmiyat: Cybersecurity measures are needed to both protect, as well as grow a business, regardless of the industry. Expo 2020 brings industry leaders from all the sectors across the world offering opportunities for business growth. The most innovative and game-changing security solutions for AI, blockchain, 5G, IoT and enterprise cybersecurity will be a showcase. There are also exponential business opportunities that can be expected.

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