Irish tech firms seek to strengthen Middle Eastern ties.

The export agency of the Irish government responsible for development and growth of Irish enterprises in overseas markets, Enterprise Ireland, held a one-day technology forum in Riyadh last month, providing a platform for Irish and Gulf business communities to network and share best practices.

Digital dose

Vignesh Unadkat, Director of IT and Promotions, Thumbay Group, was exposed to computers at an early age. Since then, his zeal for technology has only grown. This interest has become a passion for him, and a key asset to Thumbay Group.

Cloud calling

Reseller ME investigates how channel partners can be more relevant in a cloud-enabled market and how the transition can be made.

Fine print

The regional channel is identifying the opportunities that services bring to the table. Managed Print Services (MPS) is one such opportunity where businesses are able to reduce printing costs and improve productivity significantly, among other aspects. Reseller ME finds out how channel partners can make the most of this to increase their profitability.

Sage strategy

With over a decade’s experience in the banking industry, Faizal Eledath knows that great results don’t come overnight. The National Bank of Oman Chief Information Officer has learned the value of comprehensively understanding a business and its employees before making rash decisions.

Building bridges

With a lack of communication and collaboration between on-the-ground workers and office staff, the ALEC (Al Jaber LEGT Engineering and Contracting) IT team set about establishing a self-service Intranet portal to streamline communications and optimise business processes.

Golden jubilee

Swiss cabling company R&M is celebrating a milestone this year. During its 50th year in operation, they are coming with solutions and expertise that fit the region’s booming investments. CNME sits down with CEO Michel Riva to see what is in store for the company this year.

Beneath the surface

Submarine cables are the unseen lattice that make communication across the globe possible. Their impact is felt by Internet and mobile users everywhere. How will this network of cables grow in the future?

The pursuit of partners

Value-added distributor, Granteq is seeking channel partners in the enterprise segment as it introduces IT solutions for the healthcare and finance verticals in the region.

Design for success

Reseller Middle East sits down with Gordon Yang, President, Zyxel, to discuss market opportunities at an event held for the company’s partners in Dubai.

The Midas touch

In an exclusive interview, Sami Abi Esber, President, Board Member, Midis Group, speaks to Reseller ME on the recently acquired managed services company, eHosting DataFort and the evolving role of a systems integrator in a virtualised environment.

Education on demand

The Technical Vocational and Training Corporation, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, lacked a solution to allow its 150 campuses to be connected with access to critical data and information. Huawei’s Cloud OS has since linked all campuses to a central educational resource portal.

Chink in the armour

IT security professionals have to find frailties in external security systems before cybercriminals – who can attack at an increasingly fast pace – seek to exploit them. With that in mind, it is paramount that security professionals are aware of common weak points.


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