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Zain Bahrain to empower women with new initiative

Zain Bahrain and Bahrain Society for Training & Human Resource Development (BSTD) have announced a new women’s empowerment initiative (WE) to develop women’s leadership skills through gender equality in each sphere of activity and various aspects of development.

The first phase of the new Women Empowerment initiative (WE) was announced in a special ceremony at Zain Tower with the participation of several governmental representatives, private institutions and selected people.

The event revealed its first WE programme highlighting the Bahraini distinguished competencies in different disciplines and roles; to emphasise the pivotal role of gender equality between women and men in developing the society and the fundamental impact of both genders’ respective presence in the community.

“Zain Bahrain is delighted to continue embracing community equity in Bahrain with the support of Bahrain Society for Training & Human Resource Development. This is another step for Zain Bahrain to build a society where men and women are equal in the workplace to act, lead, develop and succeed,” said Zain Bahrain Director of Human Resource, Dana Bukhammas.

Ahmed Attia, Chairman of Bahrain Society for Training & Human Resource Development is pleased with Zain Bahrain’s new partnership and its high efficiency in embracing and developing human competencies in various programmes in Bahrain.

“Bahrain Society for Training & Human Resource Development and Zain Bahrain have the same common objective towards Women Empowerment in Bahrain, which resulted in signing a cooperation agreement of the new Women Empowerment Initiative (WE) to build a principal for an equal, justified society between women and men,” said Attia.

Dr. Houria Al Diri, Director of Media and Women’s Development at Bahrain Society for Training & Human Resource Development said, “The new Women Empowerment Initiative integrated program launched on December 2018 and will last until the end of 2019. The programme will include numerous activities and events targeting all groups of society of different ages and specialties.” Dr. Al Diri expressed her pride in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the various components and capabilities that Bahraini’s have, resulting in creating a successful initiative and programme.

Zain Bahrain and Bahrain Society for Training and Human Resource Development are honored and proud to be engaged in such a unique and inspiring initiative in Bahrain. Women in Bahrain are already playing a crucial role in the economy and “WE” will help them in getting more opportunities and creating a bigger impact in the society.

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