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Saudi will seek foreign tech to create nuclear weapon “if Iran does”

0 169Saudi Arabia’s crown prince says the kingdom would pursue foreign technology to build a nuclear weapon if its regional rival …
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77 facts about cybecrimes

IT security jobs become more and more lucrative by the day. The demand is constantly growing because the global interconnectivity of smart network protocols, complex VPNs and CDNs open up many possibilities, not all of them positive.

The number of connected devices – from kitchen appliances to smart cars – is increasing at an incredible pace, creating room for countless exploits and abuses.

Add to this the coming of age of the first generation that grew up with modern technology, and understand IT at a totally different level, and you have a system that becomes nothing more than a playground where rules can be broken – or bent – at will.

The numbers in the accompanying infographic tell a worrisome story. It is imperative for everyone to start applying basic IT hygiene across all devices because the risks grow alongside the opportunities the wonderful technology of today offers.

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