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Partner participation is paramount

Rajashree Rammohan, Publishing Director, Technology Division, CPI Media Group
Rajashree Rammohan, Publishing Director, Technology Division, CPI Media Group

Rajashree Rammohan, Publishing Director, Technology Division, CPI Media Group, offers her thoughts on why reseller partners should participate on neutral platforms.

The fifth annual Reseller Middle East Partner Excellence Awards & Conference was hosted ten days ago and I have to say a fantastic attendance made all our hard work even more worthwhile.

That got me thinking. Five years is indeed a long time, and I certainly have come a long way since I first started. The last six months have been extremely busy with a rush of events, and most of those have seen a full house of attendees. Almost eight years ago when I started my career in this industry, it was purely led by print journalism. But I have seen gradual change each year; today the publishing industry has to be a good mix of print, digital as well as industry events.

We have had a good traction with the industry in the last few months, with people who have been instrumental in their organisation’s growth strategies in addition to contributing to the transformation of the community at large. These are the people who have seen through the tough times when the industry suffered from the global economic downturn and eventually emerged as survivors from those catastrophic months. The more I interact with these industry leaders, the more I realise how strong this community really is. It is the positivity radiated from such sources that keeps the industry united.

As the representative of an industry leading publishing house, I believe it is our responsibility to put together interactive platforms that bring the community together. And these platforms are testament to our commitment to our valuable readers. While looking at the nominations for the Partner Excellence Awards this year, I was pleasantly surprised to see a surge from the reseller community. The Systems Integrator and the Reseller categories were heavily contested. We also see a lot more initiatives among them these days. Therefore, we would like to request vendors and distributors to encourage your reseller partners to participate in more of these opportunities.

While we all understand a reseller’s need to be at their base during business hours, it is also important to partake in such platforms that offer knowledge on best practices and share success stories from a completely neutral perspective. On our part, we would like to encourage you to voice your thoughts and ideas, and that is why we are embarking on this online blog section. It will be kept as an open forum to encourage thought leadership and execution excellence. I would like to thank you for all your encouragement.

There is a lot more to come, so keep in touch with us. You can write to me at raj.ram@cpimediagroup.com. We value your opinions whole-heartedly and rely on your insight and interaction. For now, on behalf of CPI Media Group and Reseller Middle East, we wish you a blessed season ahead. Make the most of the ability to share and care; we only live once – let us all try and leave our mark behind.

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