“To achieve true resiliency, you need AI built into your platforms” – Fady Richmany – Commvault

Fady Richmany, Regional Vice President – Emerging Markets at Commvault, spoke to CNME Editor Mark Forker at GISEC 2024, on how the company is ultra-focused on helping their customers to be cyber resilient, their approach to AI – and how the market has reacted to the products they have released in the last 12 months.

Fady Richmany is one of the most respected technology leaders in the Middle East IT and technology ecosystem.

He is a veteran of the industry, and he has played a key role in helping drive the growth of Commvault across the region.

CNME managed to secure an exclusive interview with Richmany onsite at GISEC 2024.

Richmany kickstarted the conversation by outlining how the global data protection company is aiming to bridge the gap that currently exists between data protection and data security.

“Commvault is proud to showcase our latest cloud-based cyber resilience platforms here at GISEC 2024. Our main goal is to bridge the gap between data protection and data security. For our customers we aim to be with them, all the way from foundation to recovery and that’s the commitment we make to them,” said Richmany.

Commvault have released a plethora of solutions over the last 12 months, and their platform has definitely struck a chord with a marketplace crying out for a service that enables to help them to recover quickly if they are hit by a cyberattack.

“In terms of the market, there is a huge demand for our platform as it can help customers to recover from a cyberattack. We are all living in a digital era, and the further you embrace that sort of reality the more cyberattacks you will inevitably encounter. The biggest concern of any CIO is, ‘If I got attacked this morning, how quickly can I recover and am I able to recover?’ This concern is at the core of our efforts to assist the customer, and again, it is something we are wholeheartedly committed to,” said Richmany.

AI is everywhere, and it undoubtedly represents the future.

However, integrating AI technology into existing operations and systems is not always straightforward.

Richmany declared that if businesses want to achieve ‘true resiliency’ then they have to build AI into their platform.

“To achieve true resiliency, you need to have AI built into your platform, the only way to fight sophisticated AI-driven cybercrime is with your own AI. Our commitment to providing an autonomous resolution will aid our customers in their efforts to stay secure. Threatwise-as-a-service is another advanced offering built on AI technologies to help customers detect cyberattacks as soon as possible,” said Richmany.

In terms of the trends that he sees emerging in the cybersecurity industry he believes the same old challenges are present.

That being said, Richmany believes the biggest issue facing a business is the fact that if they are hit by a cyberattack can they recover and survive from it?

“The biggest challenge is always how can the customer survive and stay in business in the event of a cyberattack? The biggest modern trend is around building a frame of cybersecurity that has resiliency at its heart. Our goal is to help our customers be autonomous in their recovery with the assistance of our AI-driven platforms so that they can recover as soon as possible. The cost of a cyberattack is measured in time and finances, and our goal is to lessen the strain of rebuilding that is placed on organisations,” said Richmany.

Richmany concluded the interview by reiterating the importance of an event like GISEC for Commvault.

He highlighted how the company serves over 100,000 businesses on a global scale.

“GISEC represents a very important platform for us to connect with our customers and partners. By investing in our latest innovations, we can provide a net benefit to the partner ecosystem. We actively support 100,000 organisations around the world, and have around 14,000 patents related to us, so these events provide a great opportunity to display our innovations,” concluded Richmany.


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