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Dubai RTA rolls out Phase II of vehicle e-Registration cards initiative

Sultan Al Marzooqi, RTA
Sultan Al Marzooqi, RTA

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has launched the second phase of issuance of Vehicle e-Registration Cards for entities and companies.

According to the Dubai Media Office, the step follows the completion of the initial phase for public vehicles, car rental offices and taxis.

Phase 3, which covers individually-owned vehicles, will start in September and forms part of RTA’s gradual migration to electronic services in keeping with the Smart City initiative, and realising RTA’s third Strategic Goal (People Happiness).

Sultan Al Marzooqi, Director of Vehicles Licensing, Licensing Agency, RTA, said, “By adopting smart ways of issuing e-registration cards for vehicles We aim to bring happiness to clients as it is saving of their times and efforts.”

Al Marzooqi noted that Phase II targets organisations or company-owned vehicles, following the completion of the initial phase covering government vehicles, car rental offices and taxis.

“The service can be availed through downloading the RTA App (RTA-Dubai Drive) on smartphones, or through e-mail. Phase III will be launched in September and will cover individually-owned vehicles.

“The mechanism and steps of the electronic transformation of registration cards had already been mapped out. Letters had been sent to the concerned parties, and workshops were held engaging various entities, categories and segments. The process involves the issuance of lifetime vehicle registration cards (no expiry date). They will be issued once and renewed each year as per the applicable procedures; which can be reviewed through the RTA’s Apps,” he added.

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