Greenplum Analytics Workbench announced at EMC World 2012

Scott Yara, senior VP of products at Greenplum

At EMC World 2012, EMC announced that the Greenplum Analytics Workbench – a 1,000-node cluster that will act as a lab environment for accelerating the pace of big data innovation – is now live. One of the primary uses of the Greenplum Analytics Workbench will be to act as an environment for running scale validation of the Apache Hadoop code base. Greenplum is actively working with the Apache Software Foundation to ensure that results from the Analytics Workbench are available to the open source community in an effort to leverage the resources of the Workbench to further accelerate the development of Hadoop as a revolutionary technology for big data. Technology from some of the world’s leading software and hardware manufacturers is providing the infrastructure for the Greenplum Analytics Workbench.

Greenplum will use the Analytics Workbench to test the limits of scale-out infrastructure technology and also to explore the models for applying big data analytics. Whether that involves working with visionary academic institutions on data-intensive research studies, or collaborating with big data application developers, Greenplum has plans to provide the most innovative thinkers in the data space with access to the Analytics Workbench.

“We’re thrilled to announce that the Greenplum Analytics Workbench is now live. With more companies implementing big data analytics than ever before, Hadoop-based batch processing of data at massive scale, with continuous testing, is a key component to driving even better, faster data analytics,” said Scott Yara, senior VP of products at Greenplum.

The 1,000-node cluster will also be made available to members of Greenplum’s training and certification classes for Hadoop. With the first publicly available courses launching this summer, Greenplum will offer a set of comprehensive Hadoop training programs designed to provide participants with the knowledge and programming skills required to leverage Hadoop. A unique aspect of Greenplum’s Hadoop training program is that any individual who successfully completes the course will be granted access to the 1,000-node cluster to use as a sandbox environment.

The Greenplum Analytics Workbench is the result of several hardware and software companies coming together to collectively facilitate the development of Apache Hadoop as an important tool for Big Data analytics. This includes EMC, Intel, Mellanox Technologies, Micron, Seagate, SuperMicro, Switch and VMware.

CPI Technology’s Senior Editor Sathya Mithra Ashok is reporting live from the event floor through all days of EMC World 2012. Keep reading for updates.

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