IFS announce acquisition of AI-powered aviation software provider

IFS, has announced the acquisition of EmpowerMX, an AI-powered aviation maintenance software provider specializing in Airframe Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) solutions, which are trusted by the largest aviation organizations in the world, including Embraer, MRO Holdings, Delta and American Airlines.

The acquisition reinforces IFS’s commitment to Industrial AI and underpins the importance of industry-specific capabilities that enable customers to rapidly derive value and improve the way they serve their customers at the moment of service. For aerospace & defense customers, this translates to improving efficiencies, enhancing production control, minimizing turn-around times, and reducing maintenance costs.

Together, EmpowerMX and IFS will provide aerospace & defense customers with the most comprehensive and capable maintenance management system that can support multiple users in multiple roles, as well as provide well-documented, paperless governance in the form of electronic task cards and logbooks.

The acquisition will deliver more value and Industrial AI innovation to customers at a time when aviation MROs and the airline industry are experiencing multiple challenges that negatively impact profitability and operational efficiency, including supply chain disruption, labor and skills shortages, capacity shortfall, compliance, and ESG reporting.

EmpowerMX’s customers will now be able to leverage IFS’s capabilities and global scale to benefit from embedded innovation that enables them to maximize asset availability, deliver best practices, and ensure compliant delivery.

Scott Helmer, President of IFS’s Aerospace & Defense Business Unit, commented: “Combining EmpowerMX with IFS is a perfect opportunity to proactively advance our leadership position in the aviation MRO software space due to the many synergies we have: an aligned technology vision, deep sector expertise and a shared commitment to customer value. Together, we not only expand our reach and foothold into the burgeoning MRO space, but we can also better serve a wider base of global A&D customers with the Industrial AI-fueled MRO innovation that enhances security, safety and efficiency. EmpowerMX’s world-class and established customer base of leading aviation brands complements our own roster of industry leaders including Southwest Airlines, Air France KLM, Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems.”

Dinakara Nagalla, Founder & CEO, EmpowerMX, commented: “EmpowerMX has been at the forefront of technology innovation in the MRO space, and I am incredibly proud of what our team has achieved with the EMX platform, products, and services. We are excited to join the IFS team that will enable us to accelerate innovation and extend the value we create for MRO customers. With IFS’s global presence, EmpowerMX can help our MRO clients deliver faster turnaround, drive bottom line growth, and leverage the AI capabilities we are infusing into our products.”

IFS is independently recognized as a leader in EAM, ERP, and FSM solutions for asset and service-centric industries. Within A&D, more than 310 million passengers fly safely thanks to aircraft maintained by

Aly Pinder, Research Vice President, Aftermarket Services Strategies, IDC, commented:  “For the aviation MRO and airline industry, digital transformation initiatives are critical to addressing operational challenges, including long turnaround times, out-of-service aircraft, and compliance adherence,” said IDC analyst Aly Pinder. “As a notable company in the aviation MRO software market, IFS has helped some of the world’s largest air carriers address these challenges by modernizing their enterprise intelligence systems. The acquisition of EmpowerMX will complement IFS’s existing cloud-based aviation maintenance solution and present IFS with an opportunity to strengthen its market position in the MRO sector.”

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