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Juniper Networks names Google veteran Bikash Koley as CTO

Juniper Networks has recently announced that Bikash Koley will be named chief technology officer, reporting to chief executive officer, Rami Rahim.

In his role, Koley will be responsible for charting Juniper’s technology strategy and for leading and executing several of the company’s critical technology innovations, including Contrail and AppFormix. He is anticipated to begin his employment at Juniper in August 2017.

“Koley is a visionary who has been architecting and operating networks of the future at Google for the past ten years. I’m excited to have Bikash help us lead the transformation in the networking industry by delivering innovative products, solutions, and services for network operators around the world,” said Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks.

Koley brings a wealth of experience in both IP and optical domains and in designing and operating large scale networks.

According to Rahim, he will further Juniper’s vision of enabling high performance, highly-automated self-driving networks of the future.

Koley is currently a Distinguished Engineer and the head of Network Architecture, Engineering and Planning at Google. He is an industry-leading expert on the topics of software-defined networking (SDN), packet and optical network integration, warehouse-scale computing, and large-scale data centre interconnection. At Google, he designed, built and operated Google’s production network infrastructure, spanning data center, backbone(s), optical and the content edge. His team also oversaw Google’s SDN evolution, network technology strategy and networking research and innovation, enabling ubiquitous programmability and very high reliability.

“I have admired Juniper Networks’ technology for the last two decades and believe the technology within Juniper will lend itself to an amazing programmable platform that will allow companies to operate seamless hybrid cloud infrastructures. Harmonious connectivity to clouds is not a solved problem, and I look forward to being part of the new era of networking,” said Koley.

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