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Spot by NetApp achieves FinOps Foundation’s certified platform certification

NetApp, the intelligent data infrastructure company, recently announced that Spot by NetApp has achieved the FinOps Certified Platform certification from the FinOps Foundation, validating the platform’s ability to provide the depth and breadth of capabilities organisations need to practice sound cloud financial management.

Also, Spot by NetApp has expanded its certified platform with the general availability of its Cost Intelligence and Billing Engine solutions.

As organisations move increasing amounts of their workloads to the cloud, especially to fuel the development of AI applications, balancing the competing needs of infrastructure and financial efficiency becomes more difficult. Overprovisioning cloud resources results in wasted expenses, but under-provisioning can slow business operations and stifle innovation. The traditional approach of standalone FinOps tools, with their focus on cost cutting, fall short of meeting these evolved requirements to deliver cost-effective yet high-performance cloud infrastructure.

Spot by NetApp closes this technology gap by delivering a holistic, integrated portfolio of FinOps solutions that supports an organisation’s intelligent data infrastructure. With its breadth of capabilities, organisations can unify cloud cost and infrastructure optimisation, deliver analytics to maximise the efficiency and impact of every dollar spent in the cloud, and drive digital business growth. Becoming a FinOps Certified Platform helps Spot by NetApp enable its customers to successfully adopt cloud best practices aligned with the FinOps standards.

“According to the FinOps Framework, implementing a productive FinOps strategy requires effective collaboration between teams. Effective collaboration requires full access to both financial and cloud operations data”, said Mike Fuller, CTO of the FinOps Foundation. “A thoughtful and comprehensive approach to FinOps helps organisations maximise the business value of the cloud so they can more easily achieve their business goals. We recognise Spot by NetApp as a FinOps Certified Platform due to its ability to deliver software that helps organisations successfully adopt FinOps practices”.

To support this comprehensive approach to FinOps, Spot by NetApp has integrated the cloud cost management capabilities of Cloudcheckr into its portfolio with the introduction of two new product modules:

  • Cost Intelligence: This product delivers panoramic visibility with actionable insights on cloud costs, resources, and usage across multi-cloud environments through interactive dashboards and drill down reports. To support the cost optimisation process, Cost Intelligence provides best practice checks that immediately flag problems and help users optimise spend, effectively utilise resources, reduce waste, and address misconfigurations.
  • Billing Engine: This product provides comprehensive billing reporting with intelligent cost allocation capabilities including chargeback and showback. With this product, businesses can better track and manage cloud spend across different groups to drive accountability.

FinOps teams will benefit from a single source of truth for financial and cloud operations data. The release of  Cost Intelligence and Billing Engine improves the effectiveness of all solutions in the Spot by NetApp portfolio. For example, organisations will be able to use Spot Ocean and Elastigroup’s machine learning and AI analytics together with Cost Intelligence’s advanced cost analysis to deliver the most accurate optimisation recommendations. Teams can further simplify their FinOps practices by automatically applying those recommendations to their infrastructure.

“The expansion of our integrated FinOps offering and becoming a FinOps Certified Platform is a true validation of Spot by NetApp’s vision and approach to leveraging data and technology to help customers get the most from their cloud investments”, said Haiyan Song, Executive Vice President of Cloud Operations at NetApp. “Our comprehensive and integrated portfolio spans financial management and continuous cloud infrastructure optimisation. We continue to innovate and evolve our cutting-edge AI powered solutions, harnessing the intelligence from the vast workloads and infrastructure under management by Spot by NetApp to provide critical insights in FinOps management and enable autoscaling and continuous optimisation. Expanding our FinOps offerings with Cost Intelligence and Billing Engine is another step forward in our ongoing mission to support our customers and unlock more value from the cloud”.

To learn more about the Spot by NetApp solution for FinOps, visit the Spot by NetApp booth #G3 at the FinOps X conference running from June 19-22 at The Marriott Marquis, San Diego

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