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NetApp demonstrates key technologies at GITEX 2023

Maya Zakour, Director of Channel Sales at NetApp discusses the critical importance of unified hybrid infrastructure and the value it can provide to an organisation ahead of GITEX 2023.

Q1. Can you tell our viewers what new products and solutions you are demonstrating and launching here this week at GITEX Global? 

At GITEX we’ll showcase how our customers can modernise infrastructure to deliver new capabilities to the business, faster. Build a seamless and unified hybrid infrastructure with a consistent operating model on-prem and in the cloud, so you can flex and scale anywhere your apps and data need to be.​

In fact NetApp is the safest place where the customers can store data across the Hybrid Multi-Cloud. Data protection and security is part of the NetApp DNA and is a critical design criteria and capability of NetApp storage and data services.​ Whether moving a single workload to the cloud or an entire data centre, NetApp helps the customers to successfully and quickly move to the cloud, achieve their goals for doing so, and ensure that requirements are met.​

At the same time NetApp delivers AI and Modern analytics solutions that remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud, including AIaaS.​ With the NetApp portfolio of products, we can help our customers to improve return on cloud investments and streamline the management and scaling of cloud infrastructure with continuous optimisation across compute and storage.​

We help our customers to digitally transform their business with more predictability, lower cost, and less risk by building and running modern, containerised applications on NetApp.​

Q2. From your company’s perspective, what are the key technologies and trends that you’re seeing that will drive your innovation and product roadmap for the next 12 months? 

While the technology landscape is constantly evolving, there are several impactful trends that businesses should be prepared for in the next few years, for example: AI and Machine Learning, IoT, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing. We cannot forget the sustainable technologies, because the focus on sustainability is growing and businesses should embrace technologies that contribute to environmental conservation, including adopting renewable energy sources, implementing energy-efficient solutions and leveraging technologies like IoT and AI to optimise resource usage and reduce waste.

Q3. How important is an event like GITEX Global for your company – and how value does it drive for your organisation? 

We are thrilled to participate in Gitex this year, which offers us an excellent platform to showcase our products, solutions and innovations to a large and diverse audience in the Middle East. It also allows us to strengthen our brand presence and demonstrates our commitment to the local market. Our main objective is to have a significant impact in this region by presenting practical use cases of our technologies and strengthening partnerships with collaborators. We are committed to demonstrating how our solutions effectively address the business challenges of both existing customers and potential prospects. Our event approach has three key objectives:

– Networking and Partnerships because GITEX brings together industry experts, potential customers, partners, and investors from various sectors. Participating in the event enables NetApp to network with key stakeholders, build relationships, and explore potential collaborations and partnerships with other technology companies.

– Business Opportunities: GITEX serves as a hub for technology-driven businesses and startups. NetApp can identify emerging trends, market demands, and potential business opportunities. It allows the company to engage with potential customers, generate leads, and drive sales.

– Industry Insights: GITEX features a comprehensive conference program with keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops conducted by industry leaders and experts. NetApp can leverage this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the latest technology trends, market dynamics, and customer needs. This knowledge can help shape NetApp’s product roadmap and strategic decision-making.

Participating in such a prominent event can contribute to NetApp’s growth, market share, and overall success in the region.

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